At the time of starting this blog, it seems apt that it is also the time at which I have moved into a new flat, in a new town, with a new view. Spring is the season of new beginnings, and I have followed suit without even realising.

As any sane person will probably tell you; Moving house is the most stressful thing you will ever experience. Possibly an exaggeration, but it definitely does get a very valid point across. I would also argue that the stress levels increase tenfold when, like me, you are a student who cannot drive. In times like these you have to pray for either a supportive family or the funds to hire professional removal services. Thankfully I was supplied with the former, although I would consider this to also add to the madness of the moving pains.

First, you have the panic of cleaning before your family arrives to help you, knowing full well that they will be put off by the slightest hint of dirt. Then, the packing process prior to moving date, muddled in with crippling procrastination. Finally, every single thing about the moving date; the boxes piled everywhere, the moving van, the countless stairs you have to haul everything up. This doesn’t even mention the admin behind returned deposits and setting up your energy bills.

I suppose the main thing this can lead me to conclude is that anyone reading this and wishing for some good advice regarding their own move should do as I say and not as I do, for I am terrible at following my own advice no matter how sensible it may seem. Your best shot at getting it right the first time would be to write a checklist of every major and minor task that you need to complete. Packing books? Check. Closing old accounts? Done it. Cleaning behind every cupboard? Of course. I’m sure most of this seems like common knowledge, but trust me when I say that you may end up like me and have forgotten something as menial as dusting away cobwebs from light fittings.

There is no point in me advising you to not stress out – that’s simply the way of moving home. I can, alternatively, advise you to keep your head up knowing that this will all be over within a couple of weeks, and to also try and not remember that the process will inevitably be repeated within a few years time. For now, just focus on remembering to pack your socks.